Two Frumenty Recipes
(XIVth-XVth Century!)

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This is a very old recipe and I take NO responsibility for how it tastes!

Take clene qwete (wheat) and bray hit wele in morter, that the holles gone alle of, and then seth hit that hit breke in faire watur (water), and then do thereto gode brothe and cove mylk (milk), or mylk of almondes, and colour hit wythe saffron, and take raw yolkes of eyren (eggs) and bete hom wel in a vessell, and do in the pot, but let hit not boyle aftur; and serve hit forthe.

Take qwete (wheat) streyned, that is for to say, brosten, and alay hit with gode swete mylk (milk), and boyle hit, and stere hit well, and put therto sugre (sugar); and colour hit with saffron; and for a lorde put no brothe thereto, but put therto a few yolkes of eyren (eggs) beten, and stere hit wel that hit quayle noght; and when it is sothen serve hit forthe.