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whychristmas?com has been running since 2000 and over the years it's become more and more popular!

Hosting the site costs me quite a lot and I don't make any money from the site.

I could have ads on the site, but I've chosen not to. I originally made the site for teacher friends who asked me why they couldn't find a Christmas site that was child safe and "wasn't trying to sell the kids something"! So I made whychristmas?com and decided that it would NEVER have ads on it!

I've had lots of offers for paid ads, from big companies and for lots of money, but I've always said no!

The hosting of the site costs me more each year as the site becomes more popular. So I've decided to take donations from site visitors. So if you like the site and find it useful - you can help to keep the site going!

No matter how small, it all helps! The donations are made through PayPal, which is fully safe and secure to use.

If I get more donations than I need, I will donate them to 'Compassion' (a child sponsorship charity), where they will also do a great job!

If you have any comments or questions about how you help or support the site, please contact me, I'd love to hear from you!

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You can also give me a real present by choose something from my Christmas Wish List!

I'm in the UK, so the items are on the Store. However, if you're a 'non UK' Amazon customer, you can buy items from the UK store using your normal Amazon Log In details.

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