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About whychristmas?com

whychristmas?com is one of the biggest (and best!) Christmas information sites on the web. You can find out the history of Christmas Traditions, learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world and get to know more about the Christmas Story and the birth of Jesus! The site is run by a Christmas loving web designer from the UK. Find out more about whychristmas?com...

The site was launched on 1st November 2000 and it's run (and is all written and is published) by me, James Cooper, a Christmas loving web designer from the UK. From running this Christmas site for over 20 years, I'm also now sometimes known as The Christmas Expert(!) and have appeared on things like Podcasts and TV & Radio shows around the world talking about all things Christmas.

The site is updated as I find out new information. I do my best to make sure that all the information on the site is correct. Some of the sources I’ve used include books in my ‘Christmas library’, other Christmas experts, my own research and visitors to the site (mainly on Christmas around the world).