Christmas Eve by Mary Cooper

Below is a poem written by Mary Cooper, the Grandmother of James, who runs this site. Mary died several years ago and the poem was found in her personal effects. It's not known when it was written. But, as it's about Christmas, I thought I'd put it on the site!

On Christmas Eve my mother read
The story once again
Of how the little child was born
And of the three Wise men.

And how by following the star
They found Him where he lay
And brought Him gifts; and that is why
We keep our Christmas day.

And when she read it all, I went
And looked across the snow
And thought of Jesus coming
As He did so long ago.

I looked into the East and saw
A great star blazing bright;
There were three men upon the road
All black against the light.

I thought I heard the angels sing
Away upon the hill
I held my breath... it seemed as if
The whole great world were still.

It seemed to me the little child
Was being born again
And very near... and THEN somehow Was NOW... or NOW was THEN.