Victorian Mince Pies (with meat!)

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This is a very old recipe and I take NO responsibility for how it tastes!

Ingredients for mincemeat:
One and a half pounds of lean underdone roast beef,
two pounds of beef suet,
one pound of stoned raisins,
one pound of picked sultanas,
one and a half pounds of apples,
one and a half pounds of pears,
one pound of mixed peel,
three quarters of a pound of blanched and chopped Valencia almonds,
the thin peel of two oranges and two lemons.

All the before mentioned ingredients are to be chopped and then mixed with one pound of well washed and dried currants, a quarter of an ounce of mixed powdered spice, the juice from the lemons and oranges, one and a half pounds of Demerara sugar, half a pint of brandy, half a pint of sherry, half a pint of port, one wineglassful each of Marshall's maraschino syrup and noyeau syrup, and a quarter of a pint of Silver Rays (white) rum.

Make some puff paste, roll it out a quarter of an inch thick, and line some little plain or fancy- pattypans with it; place a teaspoonful or dessert spoonful, or more, of mincemeat in each, according to its size, wet the edges of the paste and cover the mincemeat over with more paste; brush over the top with beaten-up whole raw egg, and put them in a quick oven for about five minutes, then take them out, dust them over with icing sugar to glaze them, and put them back to bake for fifteen to twenty minutes. Dish up in a pile on a dishpaper or napkin, and serve hot.