Christmas isn't Celebrated Everywhere

On this site we describe how Christmas is celebrated in lots of countries - and we know there's more to add!

However, Christmas isn't celebrated everywhere in the world and it can actually be dangerous to celebrate it in some countries.

Many people think of Christmas just being about having fun and getting presents. However, because Christmas remembers the birth of Jesus, in the Christian faith, there are many places that don't or won't celebrate it.

In some countries, the government is against all religions and faiths (or you're meant to 'worship' the leader of the country); and following a faith that goes against what the government says, means you (and your family) can be arrested, put in jail or even killed.

Some countries have an official religion and people are only allowed (or are expected) to belong to it. Following or converting to a different religion or faith is banned and you can face criminal charges and/or will be pressured into following the religion the government wants.

In other places, people who originally come from outside the country are allowed to practice their faith. However, if they tell the native people of the country about their beliefs, or practice their faith in public, they can face persecution or be arrested and fined.

And in some countries, although a government might allow all types of religions, they really only prefer one or certain kinds. So if you belong to a different type of religion, faith, or even a different kind of church, you can be persecuted for your beliefs; especially if you tell other people about it.

In the above situations, people who are Christians will often have to meet in secret. Things like having a Bible and celebrating Christmas can get you into trouble and be very dangerous.

So as you're celebrating Christmas, you might also like to remember that it's not possible for some people to celebrate Christmas (at least in public); and that others might not have even heard about Christmas at all!