Christmas in Singapore

Although only about 19% of the population of Singapore are Christians, Christmas is still a widely celebrated holiday.

Christmas lights are very popular in Singapore. The shopping street on Orchard Road where there's a very big light display.

Singapore Christmas Light Display

There's even a Christmas Theme Park in Singapore called 'Christmas Wonderland'. It's a popular place to visit for locals and tourists.

Christmas Trees are also now popular but they are decorated a little differently. Popular decorations include candy, ribbons and teddy bears.

Outside St Andrew's Cathedral there is a life size Nativity Scene. Going to a midnight church service is becoming more popular even if you're not a Christian.

Popular Christmas foods include 'western' things like Roast Turkey, although they might be floured with ginger and chilli to make them especially Singaporean.

On New Year's Eve there's a big fireworks display at Marina Bay.